What if your organization’s culture could be fueled by creativity and productivity?

What if your organization’s culture could be fueled by creativity and productivity?


For the first time, the work of Potential Project is available to the public. Based on 10 years of development and work within Accenture, Nike, Google and 200+ other large organizations across the globe, ONE SECOND AHEAD offers a proven formula to enhance performance and well-being at work.

Designed for busy professionals looking for a new way of working within today’s fast-paced, always-on working environment, ONE SECOND AHEAD is an accessible how-to-guide that will resonate with leaders and managers in all industries.

Praise for “One Second Ahead”:

“The methods of this book has made a huge difference in my work, leadership and private life. I am convinced it can do the same for you.” From the Foreword by Robert Stembridge, Managing Director, Accenture Technology.

“One Second Ahead is brilliant in its clarity and simplicity. Finally we have a highly usable guide to applying the practices of mindfulness at work.“Michele Milan, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Programs, Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto

”Imagine taking the power of ancient wisdom, the effectiveness of research-proven practices, and the extensive, in-depth experience of teaching these skills in a wide range of organizational settings and you have the empowering book you hold in your hands. With clarity and eloquence, One Second Ahead reveals how the training of the mind can bring any member of a corporate team to a more productive, rewarding, and innovative way of being in the workplace.”Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

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