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Before submitting an application to become a trainer, it is critical for potential candidates (and Potential Project) to make a realistic assessment whether applicants have the necessary corporate experience, credibility, current networks and sales aptitude to be successful in securing and delivering CBMT.

Please review the fundamental requirements set out below. Once you have confirmed you meet these requirements, please complete our online Request for Information form.

Candidates must have:

  1. Extensive personal mindfulness practice, usually in excess of five years, including a daily practice and experience attending annual retreats.
  2. Participated in at least one, weeklong silent retreat with a qualified meditation teacher.
  3. Substantial professional experience with credibility in working at a senior level in the corporate environment, e.g. relevant experience in a consultancy firm; management or executive roles; or as a lecturer with relevant work-life subject matter.
  4. Excellent facilitation and training skills, including extensive experience facilitating training for people in work-life and organizing and managing training interventions.
  5. The ability and willingness to engage in goal-oriented sales work – including exceptional business acumen, strategic thinking, your own network of contacts and experience in selling services.
  6. A strong commitment to bringing mindfulness to organizations and contributing to the development and growth of Potential Project.
  7. Appreciation and a strong commitment to being of service – contributing to a community where we, together, build a unique and impactful business.

Please read more about the process and training you need to do in our Becoming a Potential Project Trainer document.

Once you have read this and if you have the above qualities and experience, we would be very happy to receive your application via our online Request for Information form:

Request for Information Form

To submit your application, please click on the above link, complete all the fields and click submit.

Where are we looking for trainers?

We are currently recruiting from countries where we are already present – you can see which countries in About Us. We are also currently looking for candidates from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and India in particular as we are planning to expand into these countries.

If you are not based in these countries you are welcome to still submit the Request for Information form which will be saved in our database. You will then hear more from us once we open recruitment in your country.