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Developing focused, creative and resilient minds

Developing high-performing, resilient and innovative organizations

“Understanding and managing our attention is the single most important determinant of business success.”

Senior Manager, Accenture

Our programs are based on neuroscience to enhance focus and unlock your potential

We are facing an attention crisis

Technological disruptions and continuous change create a working reality of pressure, always-on, information overload and constantly distracted.

We call it the PAID reality – and it is a severe attack on our attention, focus and presence. As a result of the PAID reality, we are suffering from Attention Deficit Trait.

Researchers have found that we are distracted 47% of our time, while at work.

Attention deficit leads to a massive loss of human potential as it kills our productivity, decreases our creativity and creates an extremely stressful environment.

To counter the PAID reality and attention deficit we must work in the arena it is experienced: The Mind.

Our Mindset programs do just that.

We help organizations create high-performing, resilient and innovative cultures – starting with the mind.

Our organizational solutions have supported over 200,000 employees and leaders in more than 600 international companies in reaching their goals by working more efficiently, innovatively and with greater resilience.

High-performing and people centric organizations

We partner with forward thinking companies with a sincere care for their people to develop high-performing individuals and teams. For over a decade we have been training and developing individuals and teams to radically improve performance, inspire innovation and enhance stress resilience.

Choose your focus

The Performance Mindset

An organization’s success depends on people’s capacity to be focused, prioritize effectively and execute against a dynamic sets of priorities. But hyper connected, high-pressure work environments place our attention under siege. Research shows that our minds wander 47% of the time, which, coupled with constant busyness and multitasking, can heavily impact our work performance.

The Performance Mindset training explores science-based mind training practices that cultivate our ability to focus, prioritize and be effective. It also shares tips and tricks on how to apply mindfulness directly to work challenges like setting clear goals, timely execution of priorities, managing distractions, as well as efficiently dealing with emails and meetings.

Improvement in ability to effective prioritize

Increased ability to keep focused

Higher efficiency

Results aggregated from 5-10 session programs in Cisco, Accenture, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies

The Performance Mindset program helped me realize how I constantly get distracted during the working day and how these distractions affect me. After the program, I am more in charge of my time, more clear on how I spend it, and more present in the activities I do.

Senior Manager, Accenture

The Resilience Mindset

The capacity to access a calm mind while in the midst of busyness, changing priorities and distractedness, is an invaluable quality that drives effective decision-making and quality connections with others.

However, being stressed has become such a common experience at work, we now see it has a new normal. The experience of not having enough resources to deal with the daily challenges we face has wide ranging implications. It not only decreases our capacity to focus, communicate and collaborate effectively, if unmanaged, it can also impact our wellbeing and overall health.

The Resilience Mindset training explores science-based mind training practices that create the basis for cultivating a calm mind and body, even during challenging moments. It also offers frameworks and practices to develop a more balanced and fulfilling experience- in work, and outside of it.

Improvement in experienced work-life balance

Increase in employee engagement

Resilience to stress

Results aggregated from 5-10 session programs in Cisco, Accenture, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies

In many areas of their daily work the participants noted a positive change. Through the feedback we can see that we have an important component for better handling of a demanding workday.

Life Cycle Leader BGM, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

The Innovation Mindset

Innovation has become a universal prerequisite at work, as new challenges require original ways of looking at the world. Yet most workplaces are not designed to support creativity. Constant distractions, the absence of protected periods for deep work, and tight deadlines that cause high levels of pressure and drain our energy, make it difficult to access the mind’s creative potential. But with the right training, we can.

The Innovation Mindset training explores how to cultivate the capacity to access, on demand, the constant creative potential of our minds. Based on the neuroscience of insight, we share how to access the mind’s natural flow of creativity, delivering original solutions even in time constrained situations. We also explore how to develop the capacity to maintain, and renew, our energy on a moment by moment basis.

Increase in creativity

Decrease in ineffective multitasking

Less distracted

Results aggregated from 5-10 session programs in Cisco, Accenture, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies

In an ever-changing business environment focus, attention and awareness will be a scarcity. Companies who have the capacity to extract creativity and energy when it is needed the most and at the same time increase job satisfaction and reduce stress, will have a competitive advantage.
Product Requirements & Compliance manager at IKEA of Sweden

Our full-circle service to meet your needs

ASSESS – Together we assess the root causes of your challenges and align on what business objectives we aim to support.

DESIGN – Utilizing our experience, methods and tools from 600+ client organizations, we design an immersive learning experience that matches your business objectives.

IMPLEMENT – Our 200+ consultants and trainers across the globe deliver the training, or we can train and certify your own people to deliver. The implementation can be in-person, online or a blended approach, as well as utilization of our digital assets including apps, online learning center, videos, podcasts, etc.

MEASURE – The impact from our training is always measured using diagnostic assessments on mental performance and leadership, for individuals or teams. We also use scientifically validated pre and post training surveys, that can be derived from our proprietary models, or from your existing inhouse assessments.

SUSTAIN – A learning experience or journey only has impact if it is sustained. We support you in sustaining the learning over time to create true individual and organizational transformation.

Get ahead with mind training​

Are you interested in exploring how our training can improve your organization’s performance?

Our first book, “Once Second Ahead” explores how mindfulness can fuel an organization’s culture with creativity and productivity, by develop the capacity to respond differently to constant pressures and distractions at work.


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